Kimberley art | Staircase to the moon

The Broome Staircase to the Moon

The Kimberley region has some of the largest tides in the world, offering the perfect natural canvas for a full moon to light up a reflective staircase effect.

The natural phenomenon is caused by the full moon light reflecting over mud flats on a very low tide.

The staircase to the moon is a popular sight during the dry season and the local night markets are on once a month, when the phenomenon occurs, from July to November.

2021 Full moon markets dates

Broome night markets offer balmy nights under a full moon staircase, art stalls, music and iconic Broome food. Well worth a visit.

  • Saturday 24th July 17.47
  • Sunday 25th July 18.49
  • Monday 26th July 19.48
  • Monday 23rd August 18.30
  • Tuesday 24th August 19.24
  • Wednesday 25th August 20.15
  • Tuesday 21st September 18.06
  • Wednesday 22nd September 18.56
  • Thursday 23rd September 19.46
  • Thursday 21st October 18.29
  • Friday 22nd October 19.19
  • Saturday 23rd October 20.10
  • Saturday 20th November 18.57
  • Sunday 21st November 19.49
  • Monday 22nd November 20.41

Stranded on the Staircase (to the Moon)

Stranded on the Staircase (to the Moon) is a painting by Suzanne Holland about the iconic full to the moon event.

The comical painting showcases a different perspective of the popular event. A local fisherman has mistimed his departure from the mangroves and got stuck at low tide during the natural staircase event.

A situation many local fisherman can relate to… The allure of ‘Just one more cast’ can sometimes lead to many hours awaiting a tide turn.

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