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The Night Moves



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The Night Moves


‘The Night Moves’ ย is an acrylic painting on stretched canvas.

‘The Night Moves’ is about sleeping under the night sky with the softness of night falling around a swagman like a blanket and mother nature tucking him in, to sweet dreams of adventure and travel.

Available as a ready to hang print on stretched canvas.
Available in 2 sizes.



Kimberley nights have long accompanied the wanderer, who finds comfort on a hot summer night next to a fire.
He settles his swag down, after a feed, resting his weary body into the ‘pindan’.

He pulls his dusty hat over his dog tired eyes and drifts off into a sleep, listening to the crackling fire embers sing their stardust song.

When and only when the man is in a dreamtime place, does mother earth gentle allow the spirit of the land unfold and dance the milky way.

She opens her velvety curtains to the cheekiness of the full moon, meandering its headlight across the boab and reflecting the bareness of the tired old mountains.

Mother earth allows the night noises to mirror across the land and the cracks of cooling earth answer it back.
She watches him sleep, keeping him safe, and while the night moves, he dreams peacefully of adventures and travels.

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30cm x 45cm Stretched Canvas Print, 60cm x 90cm Stretched Canvas Print