Gibb River Road arrt by Suzanne Holland
Kimberley Tough



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Kimberley Tough


‘Kimberley Tough’ is is an acrylic painting on stretched canvas.

The painting is an ode to all the men and women that stop and help wild spirited people with off road 4WD breakdowns. They’re a no fuss mob that have you on your way to enjoy your adventure. Kimberley tough people are chiselled from pure wild Gibb River Road kindness and the love of a cold beer.

Available as a ready to hang print on stretched canvas.
Available in 2 sizes.



Gibb River Road art created by Suzanne Holland.

Artist’s description:

Has the Gibb River Road in Western Australia challenged your senses and sanity? Have you ever witnessed the Pentecost River in mighty roaring floods and crocodiles stalking the Barramundi shallows?

Has your 4WD spat out the radiator fluid and rested its carcass on a busted rim or two? Have you given in to the dusty Gibb River Road winds and carved silhouette Cockburn Range?

The humidity is deafeningly quiet and the mirage skips in giddy dances across the ‘Pindan’ dirt road within the eyes of that croc.

You wonder how things will work out from here. Stranded, you sit in the shade of a well watered gum tree and wait for him… Inevitably as a thunderstorm builds, a Kimberley tough man will appear. He is your superhero, built from ‘Pindan’ and perspiration.

His bronze statue will throw you a no worries mate smile and a tow rope. He will repair you and your 4B and brave the swirling currents as easily as unrolling his swag. He knows the Gibb River country and the country looks after him. You’ve been rescued.

Next time you venture into the great Kimberley outdoors, carry a carton for the Kimberley tough men and women.
You never know when you might need them in the wild west of Western Australia.

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30cm x 45cm Stretched Canvas Print, 60cm x 90cm Stretched Canvas Print