Fishing Painting -'Lazy Daze Fishing' by Suzanne Holland
Lazy Daze Fishing



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Lazy Daze Fishing


Lazy daze fishing is an acrylic painting on stretched canvas.

The painting is about a place where nothing matters. It depicts a line dangling with toes in the Crab Creek salty water. A still and silent painting with a distant thunderstorm, warm prehistoric rocks and ‘Pindan’ dreams.

Available as a ready to hang print on stretched canvas.
Available in 2 sizes.



Fishing Painting – ‘Lazy Daze Fishing’  is an original acrylic artwork painted by Broome artist Suzanne Holland.

Artist’s description:

Lazy daze fishing, where nothing matters, your line is dangling with your toes in the too warm Crab Creek salty water. You lay still and silent, to be sun kissed by a sneaking distant thunderstorm. Warm prehistoric rocks cradle your back and mind, soaking them in ‘Pindan’ dreams.

Let your lazy Broome self relax.

Still you lay, quiet in a sacred space between sleep and awake.
Time is a soft saturation with no beginning or end.
Just the distance between your breath and imagination.
Let your lazy Broome self dream.

The curvy Kimberley mangroves, sift and slurp salt water as if it was their last breath.
They throw their green leafy locks flirtatiously in the hot wind, mimicking 13 year old girls, oblivious to the world.
Their cheekiness is overlaid by competitive squawks of fisherman seagulls, elbowing their muscles to show they are the best divers.
Let your lazy Broome mind dance with their fun.

Hear the dingo’s eyebrows twist with curiosity at a Crab Creek ‘Muddie’ who hides and parades behind his suit of armour like a warrior from medieval times.
Careful dingo – all is not what it seems in the illusion of a watery world.

Smell the air bubbles escaping the mangrove roots, like a bottle of salty fizzy drink, busting its lid.
Let the lazy Broome tide dilute you.

Sense the sharp witted water lizard that is peering at you shrewdly.
She is a pirate of the sea and a camouflaged land soldier.
Her ego moves with the will of an ancient ghost from the spirit world.
She can tiptoe her sharp toenails to within a sunbeam’s ray of your arm and snatch away the bait with her elongated meandering tongue.
Let her past, don’t move your lazy Broome self.

The croc snakes his way, with an age old rotting log disguise at the mercy of the waves.
His algae stained teeth have dinner on their mind as they rock him closer and closer to the Barramundi.
They are arguing over the better meal, a fish, a dingo or your foot.
But it will be his choice and he’s not fussy.
Better move your lazy Broome foot.

See the rocks on eternal guard and the thunderstorm grumbling you a warning to beware of that crocodile.
They know him well and respect him as a great warrior, but he isn’t not to be trusted.
Are you listening, it’s time to stir, lazy Broome one?

Soon the Barra will join in by tugging on your line, as an old Broome pearl diver tugged, warning of danger.
The Jabiru will leave his post as the storm and croc come closer.
She will fly off with an almighty flick of her snapping wings, like a hypnotist’s finger click, to bring you back to our world.
Wake up, lazy one… it’s time to go!

But come again, purrs the cooler thunderstorm winds.
Come and join our world, in the hot Kimberley sun where nothing matters except..
Lazy Days and Fishing.

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30cm x 45cm Stretched Canvas Print, 60cm x 90cm Stretched Canvas Print