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Escape the Cape


‘Escape the Cape’ is an acrylic painting on stretched canvas.

‘Escape the Cape’ is a painting that reveals the struggles, fun and challenges of man against the forces of nature. The strong wild Kimberley storms and the lure of a confident woman in the distance. Both considerably powerful forces in the Kimberley.

Available as a ready to hang print on stretched canvas.
Available in 2 sizes.

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Cape Leveque artwork titled ‘Escape the Cape’ is an original acrylic artwork by Broome artist Suzanne Holland.

Artist’s description:

Escape the Cape, is a fun tribute to tCape Leveque and he brave souls in rugged, decked out 4WD’s and not so decked out flimsy flower power 2WD’s..

Generations have battered and bounced their puffing chunky tyres along the cape track to One Arm Point from Broome and the mighty Gibb River Road.

his painting depicts the 70’s and the hippy influence with surfboard stacked Kombies, free love and hairy men and maybe a small bag of weed hidden under the dash.

Fat ancient bellies of the Boabs roar with laughter, cheeky galahs join in, as these men struggle to control the wheel and the enclosing grip of the thunderstorm or the pull of that hot chick.

She stands squarely, calmly and confidently thumbing a lift and pointing a defiant thumb at the Kimberley storm. She knows that car will stop as sure as the storm will come, her youthful innocence and bare bummed shorts, told her so.

The men and their machines will come again, drawn to primal challenges of nature and strong women, both forces to be reckoned with in the Kimberley.

They will find her there at Cape Leveque, through the ages, under the wild storm, Hitch Hiking the Cape.

Have experienced Cape Leveque?

Cape Leveque is located in the north of Western Australia and is remote, dusty and covered in Pindan. People have been coming from all over Australia and the world to experience what the Cape has on offer, including pearl farms, remote camping and fishing.

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30cm x 90cm Stretched Canvas Print